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“This year’s 2017 Virgin London Marathon is being labelled the ‘Mental Health Marathon’ as the main charity for the year is Heads Together.

HEADS TOGETHER is spearheaded by the Duke & Dutchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. The campaign brings together 8 leading mental health charities to tackle stigma and change the conversation around Mental Health. The campaign wants to end the stigma associated with the fear of judgement that stops people talking or seeking help.

Mind is one of the 8 charities involved with the campaign and I am running for Brent Mind which is a local charity associated with Mind. 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lives, 9 out of 10 people with a mental health problem have experienced stigma and discrimination because of their illness. I have a personal connection as many of my friends and family have experienced a mental health problem of some kind, I too have lived experience of depression and anxiety.

Being able to talk about a physical health problem seems a lot easier, my current training for the marathon is taking its toll physically on my muscles, I can easily tell people about how sore my muscles are and how many miles I’ve ran week. Being able to talk about my mental health, is a lot harder!

I really appreciate your sponsorship, as this is a campaign very close to my heart, Let’s get our #HEADSTOGETHER to talk about mental health & end the stigma!”

Steph Marathon Pic

Please support Brent Mind’s very own Steph Ware, our Get Set to Go Coordinator to run the London Marathon –